Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits (Giveaway!)


Hey, I’m back!  Have you missed me much?  I just spent the Veterans Day weekend in California visiting James’ family, followed by a week-long vacation in Hawaii!  It was such a relaxing trip and I’m a bit sad to come back home.  Our days basically consisted of getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, spending the days exploring the island of Oahu, chowing down on delicious foods, and making sure that we were comfortably situated with our beverages of choice came sunset.  The only errands we had were going to the grocery store to pick up more rum and pineapple juice, and throwing our wet bathing suits and beach towels into the washer and dryer. Such a worry-free life.

I can’t wait to tell you about the hikes we took (one of which involved a really scary and challenging detour to the edge of the sea cliffs!), the interesting local dishes we tried, and the best udon noodles I’ve ever had!  I’m going to take some time to sort out the photos, but in the meantime, I have a giveaway for you!


I love fruits and I make it a point to eat at least two servings of fresh fruit every day.  I think this habit comes from my mom, who always keeps the fruit basket at home filled with all kinds of goodies: oranges, mangos, peaches, papayas, grapes, and lots of strawberries in the summer months.  I’ve been eating an apple a day after lunch lately (pat on the back for me!)  Some days are more difficult, though, and I can’t seem to find the time to wash, peel, and slice a piece of fruit, so Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits are my solutions for simplifying things in life.  A splash of juice and few whirls in your blender, a smoothie is ready in a matter of minutes.

I tried Strawberries Wild, Razzamatazz, and Mango-a-go-go, and I am quite addicted to the mango smoothie.  Are you into Green Monster smoothies?  Add a handful of fresh baby spinach and you’ll get a serving of vegetable in for the day.


This smoothie is great as a light sippable breakfast, a healthy drink for a post-workout dizzy spell, or an energy boost to tide you over until dinner time.  If you’re watching your sugar intake, you can use water instead.  I used some unsweetened apple cider I had in my fridge and I liked the taste of it without the added sugar.

The people at Jamba Juice gave me extra vouchers so you can try making it at home too!  Just follow the instructions below to receive three (3) vouchers that are redeemable at supermarkets or stores near you that carry Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits.  I’m trying Rafflecopter for the first time, so hopefully that makes it easier for you.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The Mango-a-go-go sounds delish

  2. razzmatazz… i’m a sucker for raspberries

  3. Grace Scammell says:

    Id try the razzmatazz

  4. melikegarfield says:

    i would like to try the Mango-a-go-go.

  5. I want to try Razzmatazz. :)

  6. Jessica Hellfritsch says:

    Strawberry banana!

  7. Strawberries wild.

  8. Looking forward to trying Razzmatazz.

  9. Sheri Ferguson says:

    I have tried these before. The Strawberry Banana is awesome!

  10. i would love to try the Orange Dream Machine

  11. Jennifer Reed says:

    The first Jamba Juice Smoothie kit I would love to try is their Mango a Go Go flavor.

  12. I am most interested in the mango a gogo variety

  13. Susan Smith says:

    I want to try Razzmatazz

  14. The mango-a-go-go is calling my name.

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