Graze Snack Box Subscription Review


This week I received my first Graze box in the mail, and I wanted to show you the snacks I received.  Graze is a snack box subscription service that sends you healthy, nutritious snacks either weekly, bi-monthly, or once a month depending on your preference.  The box that I got is called the Nibble Box, which is basically a starter box with 4 individually-packaged snacks.

graze-snack-subscription-box-review-1 graze-snack-subscription-box-review-2

Here’s what I received:

Honeycomb Flapjacks are thick, soft, and chewy granola bars with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle on top.  This is my favorite and I would have been perfectly content if I just received four different flapjacks in my Nibble Box.


Brooklyn Bites is a mix of poppyseed pretzels, cheesy cashews, and roasted pumpkin seeds.  This is the only savory snack in the package and although I generally prefer savory snacks over sweet ones, I didn’t quite enjoy the mix.  I ate the cashews first (the cheese tastes a bit artificial) and thought that everything else tasted so bland.


Triple Berry Smoothie with mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and chewy banana coins is totally up my alley — I am powerless to resist any dried fruits!  The nutritional stats are good too — it boasts one serving of fruit and only 110 calories per serving.


Hot Cross Yums is a mix of orange flavored raisins, vanilla cookie drops, and cinnamon and honey almonds.  My least favorite of the four snacks I received.  I think it’s the vanilla cookie drops — I could do without them.


The verdict?  I love the idea of getting different snacks in the mail every week, but my only problem with this subscription service is that there aren’t too many savory snacks to choose from.  I was hoping for more variety — maybe jerky, cheese dips, and kale chips?  However, the snack choices should become more and more personalized (you can rate the snacks online so that they don’t send you something you absolutely hate).  I might give it another try, we’ll see!

Do you subscribe to Graze? What do you think of this subscription?

Deal alert: If you want to get your 1st and 5th boxes for free, you can sign up using the code K9GH5RQLP.  Just wanted to share that with you in case you’d like to give it a try!

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