{WIAW} Spring Clean Eating

In case you’ve just tuned in, every Wednesday I share some of the foods I eat in a day.  Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayon and Laura at Sprint 2 The Table for hosting this week’s What I Ate Wednesday!

Well, I am a bit sad to report that Spring has still not sprung in my neck of the woods, but with a Spring vacation booked and marked on my calendar, nothing can stop my excitement!  With that said, I need to get in shape fast, so today’s eats are all about eating light and clean.

For breakfast, I’ve got a Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt with Cherry Pomegranate (not my favorite flavor though — I’d trade it for Mango Guanabana!) and a Health Warrior Coconut Chia bar.


Since James is out of town, I have been making more meatless dishes and finding myself with lots of leftovers. I packed some of this Pasta Alla Norma (basically whole wheat pasta cooked with eggplants and capers in marinara sauce) for lunch. Recipe will be up soon!


In the late afternoon, I snacked on these sweet yellow plums I found at my local market.  I’m not the biggest fan of plums, but I was instantly attracted by the color and couldn’t help loading a few into my basket!


Finally, dinner wasn’t the most photogenic but was really low maintenance.  I made a creamy mayo-free tuna salad by mixing a can of chunky white tuna, half of a ripe avocado, lemon juice, pinch of cayenne pepper, and S&P.  I served my tuna salad with stone ground wheat crackers and carrot chips on the side.


I also indulged in a few Cadbury milk chocolate mini eggs after dinner in celebration of Easter ;)  Okay, a bit early, but I just love Easter candies!

What is the best thing you ate today?

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